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Lightglass Optics is where you can find the largest selection of Newport, Line Tool Company, OptoSigma, Thorlabs and other manufacturers of fine optomechanical equipment. By selling pre-owned equipment, Lightglass Optics can fill your Optical Research equipment needs at a substantial discount- saving those precious budget dollars. In addition, we have more Alignment Telescopes on our shelves than anybody else..anywhere!- currently over 100 - made by Keuffel and Esser (K&E), Brunson, Cubic Precision, Davidson Optronics, Engis, Taylor-Hobson and others. We also have supporting Optical Tooling to go with them. Just click on any line item to go to the page for that item.
Newport EVIS- Electronic Vibration Isolation System
Newport EVIS- Electronic Vibration Isolation System

Newport EVIS- Electronic Vibration Isolation System

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This Newport EVIS- Electronic Vibration Isolation System is a sophisticated and sensitive device used to actively control vibration of components or a microscope mounted to its 24" X 36" stainless breadboard top. Utilizing 8 active elements, this table is sensitive enough that it responds to even a breeze across its surface. Tap it and the control elements display their damping activity on the control panel located on the front. So, if you have a need for this, it needs to be placed in a draft-free area of your lab, then you can place your Atomic-Force Microscope or whatever demanding experiment you need to place on it! This is heavy and will need to be sent freight. My $400 shipping is an estimate in the US, and I will send it at actual cost to you.

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