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Davidson Optronics D-614-101 Penta Prism
Davidson Optronics D614-101 Penta Prism/ Optical Square- 0.3 arc second accuracy.

Davidson Optronics D-614-101 Penta Prism

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The Davidson Optronics D614-101 Penta Prism is also known as an Optical Square. The Quartz Penta Prism takes the incoming collimated beam ( which may be out of its normal plane by as much as 5 degrees) and re-orients it accurately by 90 degrees. Davidson guarantees an accuracy of +/- 2 arc seconds on these Optical Squares, this one far surpasses that at +0.8 arc seconds. I have one even more accurate if you need it, but both are extremely precise examples of an already precise instrument. It has lapped pads to precisely mount it or can be equipped with a threaded post to mount in a spindle. All of the D-614's use quartz prisms. In excellent condition and in its factory mahogany box.

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