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 Lightglass Optics is where you can find the largest selection of Newport, Line Tool Company, OptoSigma, Thorlabs and other manufacturers of fine optomechanical equipment. By selling pre-owned equipment, Lightglass Optics can fill your Optical Research equipment needs at a substantial discount- saving those precious budget dollars. In addition, we have more Alignment Telescopes on our shelves than anybody else..anywhere!- currently over 100 - made by Keuffel and Esser (K&E), Brunson, Cubic Precision, Davidson Optronics, Engis, Taylor-Hobson and others. We also have supporting Optical Tooling to go with them. Just click on any line item to go to the page for that item.
 71-4030 K&E Straightness of Line of Sight Collimator-
71-4030 K&E Straightness of Line of Sight Collimator-
71-4030 Straightness of Line of Sight Collimator
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The K&E 71-4030 Straightness of Line of Sight Collimator is used in the testing and adjusting of Optical and Survey instruments. The 71-4030 has 7 internal reticles which are used to simulate distances of 0',4' , 10', 25', 50', 100' and infinity. This instrument can be used to check the straightness of the line of sight on any sighting telescope from minimum focus to 100 feet.

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